rab your best friend, sister, mother or daughter and enjoy a fun day checking out the season’s latest styles, colors and cuts. Fall is one of our favorite times of the year, the weather is perfect, and it offers a nice calm before the busy holiday season.

Speaking of holidays, can you believe it’s almost here?  I feel like just yesterday the girls were excited to be getting out of school for the summer. Summer breezed by, school’s back in, and we’re in full swing of our fall festivities.With a lock and loaded calendar between the kids, fundraisers, work and our daily responsibilities, take time out to enjoy you. Trust me, get it in now, or you’ll look up and it’ll be a new year. You know how it works.

Nothing says fall like frienships +fabulous jewelry

Yes, it’s true. We’re only as good as the vibes we give off and gifting yourself with a few new fabulous pieces of jewelry, a great new pair of jeans and a bold new lipstick is sure to get the season rolling in the right direction. Enjoy it, before you know it, fall will be a distant memory,  and the craze of the holidays will be upon us. So